Guest Talk by Shahid Nadeem-Head of Financial Institution and Trade sales GCC


Mr. Shahid Nadeem Director- Head of Financial Institution & trade sales GCC, attended  the leadership class at IoBM, for a guest speaker session. He spoke of how strong leadership and team building creates within an organization and can be managed. He has strong leadership, team-building and management skills with a track record of growing existing businesses and building new ones from the ground up. He has hands-on experience of developing and implementing strategic and operating plans for international and regional financial institutions.

Experience that many leaders and boss come across chooses different types of personality, attitude and behavior as a leader we need to be very carefully that we don’t make mistakes.We often feel sometimes we need to know them before giving them a job, absolutely not, for the right job , you should have the right attitude, and the right attitude comes from right style, right phrase of discussion, without wasting time. In his speaker session we understood excellent working abilities with in financial management environment. Over 20 years of sales and relationship management experience with the coverage of corporate and FI clients. He has Knowledge of various local business practices, domestic and international work ethics. An assertive result oriented mature team player with plenty of confidence and initiatives. Excellent personal and interpersonal communication skills. Sound leadership capabilities, highly self-motivated and able to encourage/motivate staff

Good leaders always have a good memory, they always remember you with your name, subject and field, if you really want to be good leader impress you’ve to have good memory, remember them by creating more network by your own effort, make sure to catch them, learn something from them, giving them back this is how world goes on, life goes on as a leader we all need to do this, not just going school and spend time, networking is important


As a leader he had to deal with all kind of people he had to consider everyone’s point of view in order to make them motivated as a leader you need to understand your team strength and weaknesses.

Team dealing with different culture, everyone talks differently in their own style and everyone wants to grow as soon as possible, whether your mind or heart won’t allow you but as a leader  one has to listen people,e all culture have different requirements as a leader keep people motivated to achieve your goals and get the job done, we can’t fire people, we hire people to grow them as a leader we don’t hire to fire people being a leader management expects to create more leaders as business is moving one has to take position.

As a leader, being straightforward isn’t workable in order to make your employees motivated and happy at times we have to straightforward all alone but in front of others, you can’t touch others Self-esteem. Respect others, appreciate them, don’t kill people from inside, don’t break them always make them.

Being a good leader always make sure people are happy with your role, no matter what the situation is, keeping them motivated, by best determination, as a leader you should know your job well to understand things and interpret them correctly and right way of justification of people and things around you. In personal or professional life you’ll get all kind of situations and should be smart enough to tackle situation without beating others. Leaders always need to be calm, work hard to overcome,meet deadlines, meet the future challenges.

The best quality that describe leader is using word “we” instead of “I” as a good leader take blame of your fellow member not their credit. Make yourself aware about your strength and weakness do self-assessment daily not weekly no matter how vast experience an individual has he/she tend to do mistake why I do this? I should do that, I should say that instead of that, challenge yourself, but don’t make others realize about your weakness, “never highlight your mistakes” everyone can see strengths not weakness.

In a nutshell, “he is a well-focused, result oriented and trustworthy professional, who would go extra miles to help others personally and a mentor for upcoming youth.”

2 Responses to Guest Talk by Shahid Nadeem-Head of Financial Institution and Trade sales GCC

  1. Muhammad Arham Aleem says:

    An amazing guest speaker session where we learned more towards what makes a leader! It was emphasized that one of the many traits that makes a good leader is they always have a good memory where they remember and can re call moments which makes them understand people well and makes them better. Further it was highlighted that its the attitude of the person that gets him/her the job. As a leader, it’s his job to create more future leaders by setting benchmark of respecting others and putting things as they are. A leader should set SMART objectives where objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound.
    A leader should give space to all their employees by staying calm and keep the team motivated by having high emphasis on developing social skills to understand their people and to eventually become a good leader.

  2. Ovais Ur Rehman Khan says:

    t was an amazing guest speaker session, we learned a lot from his experience few key points which we were able to learn from him was that in order to be a good leader he/she must posses a good memory and remember what people says them and networking is key to an individual success. in addition to this, he told that in order to be a successful you need a good team and it is important that team is filled with individual who has desire to work and are passionate about their work, choosing the right team member is key aspect to your success in an organization.
    Once you have bring the right members in your team it is your duty to lead them to success, the leader must know their teams strength and weaknesses and try to help members over come their weaknesses. the leader should not try to dominate its members but instead give them space and time so that they could learn and grow while doing their task freely according to their style. If members did something wrong try to guide him/her through it not blame them or criticize in front of everyone instead call them and don’t get mad on them but try to understand why they did it and help him learn from it and communicate the conciseness of it so that next time when they are in such situation they do not do it again.
    Moreover, as a leader one must try to be visionary and look into the future have a more long-term vision, dream big and see what you are good at do that instead of what other tells you to do, try to give credit to the other instead of taking all the credit.

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