Guest Speaker Session by Mr. Nadeem Ahmed, CEO Searle Company Limited

Students of the leadership class eagerly awaited the arrival of, and warmheartedly welcomed Mr. Syed Nadeem Ahmed; a proven dynamic, and a successful business man whose contribution to the pharmaceutical industry as well as Pakistan is definitely substantial and admirable. His delivery on leadership was not only inspirational, but thought provoking as well for the congenital leaders alongside the leaders in making present in that class.

The session took off with Mr. Nadeem approaching the leadership topic by initiating a task of collecting the viewpoints of the students sitting on the other side of the room, rather than discussing how he views who a leader is, or what it takes to become a leader.

Amidst the number of answers provided, he received what he was looking for when he initiated the discussion. The first thing taught to us with association to the topic was that in order to become a leader, access to business schools or education is not the key factor, although an effective mean. But, there are three main elements that a person should be in possession of, if he/she wants to become the embodiment of a successful leader: Passion (Junoon), Consistency and Hard Work.


Do you dream big? Do you have the capability to transform the small hunger pangs into raving starvation where you can scarf down all the resources at your disposal to achieve the grant dream that you dreamed? If yes, then it means that you have that junoon; that craziness to do something, something that does not only impact your life, but also the lives of those around you.

The process does not end here. Being just passionate about a goal is not good enough, until and unless you starting executing your targets, but with consistency. Once, you start the venture of molding and shaping your dream, there will be several challenges, failures and disappointments erected in your way, but come hell or high water, you will not break down midway in approaching the light at the end of the tunnel. As Mr. Nadeem succinctly said “An intelligent individual does not steer away from his/her goal”.

The third element that we talked about was hard working. There’s a slight difference between consistency and hard work; and that is if you want to pursue your target, albeit a little faster, then you don’t back out from hard work. Where being consistence, in layman words, gets the job done, there hard work ensures that you get to your achievement at a rapid pace. Thus, any smart individual with an array of achievement to achieve will be portraying consistency as well as hardworking at the same time.

For illustration, Mr. Nadeem walked students through the journey of Nelson Mandela from a child at a tender age to the man the world came to know about. His passion for the sovereignty of South Africa was inspirational, especially in the face of all the challenges he had to face. His dream to free South Africa was backed by years and years of hard work, which showed consistency as well. Even as a man behind jail for more than twenty five years, he did not steer away from his goal and designed educational, healthcare and developmental plans and reforms for South Africa.

Continuing with the session, the speaker tapped gently on the topic of personalities and attitude, ensuring that the said things keep changing into different roles and perspective as per the situation. He connected attitudes of a common man with those of a leader by drawing out the picture that where a common man plays the role of son, brother, husband and coach in his daily life, there a leader plays the role of catalyst, commander, chairman and coach, respectively, in his professional life.

Mr. Nadeem winded up his session by imparting some of the most significant and insightful tactics for a successful life. He enforced on the presence of three main factors throughout a person’s life; factors that should not be left alone in any period or step of life. The first thing is parents; it’s their existence, hard work, irreplaceable trust in us, despite our inhibitions and above all, their blessings that makes us what we are today, so respect and love them because they are invaluable.

Furthermore, there’s only one factor that destroys one’s life if inculcated in our routine and that is lie. Harness the quality of not lying, no matter what kind of situation you are going through. Once, you get addicted to this factor than there’s failure ahead in your life and if by any chance you do win, then it’s an empty win that you’ll have.

The third factor he pointed out was your attitude. It’s not your degrees, your qualifications or your designation that makes you a bigger person, but your humble attitude, so being respectful to those around you is imperative and not just an option.

Thus, the class ended with few promises being exchanged; among which, one was for the students to treat their parents with a few candies on behalf of Mr. Nadeem as a way to say thank you for making us who we are today. And in that respect, we really do have a lot to thank them for.

22 Responses to Guest Speaker Session by Mr. Nadeem Ahmed, CEO Searle Company Limited


    Great session by Mr. Nadeem Ahmed, disclosed the secret formula one should have to become successful in life which is as follow
    Junoon, consistency, hard work, respect your parents, last but not the least never tell lie.

  2. Aaqib siddiqui says:

    Work hard when people is sleeping, partying, hanging that is the time where one can create differentiation and competative edge. Wonderful session by Mr nadeem ahmed and topping by Sir Shiraz Ahmed

  3. Tooba Sohail (18965) says:

    Mr. Nadeem was a great speaker. He started off his session with a question that whether a person is educated or not but vectors to achieve a goal in life are same. Approach towards achievement of goal is same i.e. your attitude, motivation, struggle, interest, commitment, craziness, encouragement. He said try to find out that passion within you, “Junoon”, “bhook” that will take you towards your goal. Try to find out, what you want to be? He further told us that there are 4 relations in management world catalyst, commander, chairman and coach. You have to decide what you want to be. Second main point is “Consistency’’. If you have junoon and consistency in achieving that then no one can stop you from achieving it. Third main point is “Hard Work ‘’. He said struggles will be there, you have to choose your path in order to reach towards your goal. In the end he told us that other 3 important things to be taken under consideration are “Respect, Don’t tell a lie and your attitude. “ A good and a successful leader must have a good attitude and he must be down to earth.

  4. Nabiha jawed says:

    Passion, Hard-work and Consistency are the golden rules to be successful for Mr. Nadeem, the CEO of Searle pharmaceuticals. The iconic personality shared his vision of what it takes to be at the top. He believed that if you have got the passion for your objective, hard work to work out all the odds and consistency to remain steadfast to your goals then nobody in this world can stop you from being successful. He believed that there are some key factors which should be incorporated in our life and it includes the blessing of our parents, not lying and right attitude.

  5. Saad Altaf says:

    What Mr. Nadeem tried to communicate to us was that every individual has the tendency to be great and successful and to achieve success one must have the urge, courage and dedication. Also one must never compromise on ethical codes.

  6. aisha556 says:

    Mr Nadeem session was really very inspirational. He reflects on the idea that every future leader should know the tricks of trait. And you have to decide what you want to be in life and you will do it. He further continued, you can be successful when you are consistent about something. According to him intelligent individual never back off their goals. and hardworking is very important to reach to your goal. He focused on thinking out of the box strategy. We all have to dream something good and big and work hard. Inshort LUCK is very important but if you want something desperately and have belief in you that you will achieve it so no one will stop you achieving it.

  7. Kubra Fatima says:

    The entire session was quite gripping. Mr. Nadeem posited that in order to be successful, one has to set his goal and he needs to be passionate about it. He must have junoon to achieve the goal. Moreover, he further asserted that consistency and hard-work is also necessary in order to be successful. According to him, the satisfaction comes from contribution. He urged all of us to respect our parents, to not lie, come what may, and to have positive attitude and outlook towards life.

  8. Asad Raza says:

    A brilliant man with a focused vision. One can achieve anything and everything is what he believed in and ignited a spark of motivation among the participants of the session. The noticeable thing which he mentioned was the basic qualities that differs a visionary from an ordinary man. These qualities can be possessed by any individual belonging to any stage of life and having any or no educational background. If a person with such qualities wishes to be successful, no power in this world will be able to stop him or her apart from that person himself or herself!

  9. Shahreen Shafaq says:

    The session with Mr. Nadeem was so inspirational and motivational. He told us some of the key factors required to be successful in such a manner that all the students were spellbounded. He told us three factors that we all need to focus on in order to achieve our goal and that are 1) Passion (Junoon), the first step to achieve your dream is to have some craziness inside. Along with your passion you also need to be consistant to achieve your target. In order to get closer towards your dream a little faster you need to work hard. He made us believe that business schools are just a effective way to achieve your dreams, without passion, consistency and hardwork you wont be able to achieve your dreams. Not only he talked about factors to be a successful leader, he also told us that a person in life plays four important roles 1) Son [Catalyst] 2)Husband [Chairman] 3) Father [Coach] 4) Brother [Commander] and in every role his personality and attitude changes with situation.
    As he started his session with a journey of a young boy sitting in his class to the person standing in front of students motivating them to be successful leader. By the end, I surely dreamed of a journey from a student to be that successful leader that students should look upon and i m sure that with i will achieve my dream with passion, consistency and hardwork.
    He also told us that to lead a successful life we should follow 3 steps:
    1) Respect your parents
    2)Stay down to earth
    3) Never lie

  10. Mahrooh Farid says:

    Dreaming to achieve something big or small is not bad but to make your dream come true you must follow the golden principle which is based on three things: ‘ You should be passionate. Even after facing hurdles, consistency in your moves should be prominent and the most important thing is that you should not back out from doing hard work.’ It is all about an individual capacity. Your luck will also work to help you achieve your aim when you will respect your elders, stay firm and supportive for truth, and show your humble attitude along with the following of golden principle. Mistakes teach us how to deal in life and it is good for learning but repeating previous mistakes on a daily basis is the biggest stupidity.

  11. annie fatima says:

    it was an honour for us to listen to Mr Nadeem Ahmed because his talk was inspiring for us. He started the session with asking us a question which was ” if you were not an educated person what would be required to become a CEO” and many students replied with the words like struggle, passion, money, commitment, efforts. but he said that there are 3 most important thing we need for success is “MADNESS” or”HUNGER” that you want to achieve success. He also explained for a good leader should have 4 relationship in management which are role plays of sort. He also focused on the thing that always believe in your self and there is no hurdle or excuse that you cant achieve something its all in your head. The second thing for being successful is that you need to be “CONSISTENT” that even if you have failures and disappointment you keep your head straight and face them bravely. Even if the path is full of thorns and hurdles the goal should be clear and consistent. and the third thing that will make you reach your goal a little faster is “HARDWORK”. He also said that if you really want to achieve something you should do anything you can to achieve it even if you have to live in a single room. He also told us 3 points to achieve success in life and they are: 1) Respect your parents. 2) Dont lie. 3) Positive attitude towards people on lower position than you.

  12. Blogging :) says:

    Thanks to sir for inviting Mr. Nadeem. What as session it was, truly inspirational. At first he emphasised on that the efforts, craziness and dedication is not taught in business schools. A person does not need any business school for a dream come true. For success or to reach your destination, passion, craziness, hunger, consistency and hard work are important factors. It is not necessarily to be rich or poor to have these qualities in you, it is there in you. person should be at business school or somewhere to phrase his path towards that goal not just to get degree. he/she should be aware of the tricks of market and surroundings, are we on the right track as negativity should be least. What we learned was that we have to take decisions, no one is stopping us. He said he do not have anyone now on his list as a visionary. We should have junoon, we should be consistent and hardworking. If we are not hardworking then the reaching to destination will take more time. Moreover he said that the luck factor is there to certain extent but what is important then luck is not only your passion, consistency and hard work, but its your attitude towards others. The attitude and upbringing of your personality is from you first school that is your home, your parents so you should respect them. He concluded by saying that ” A leader is one who dreams on skies and have his feet on earth”.

  13. Faiza Ansari says:

    Mr.Nadeems session was an absolutely amazing treat for me, his humble attitude and wisdom was inspirational. He gave us live examples of visionary and creative leaders, and how important is an individuals attitude in determining his success as a leader. He gave us 3 key words to success 1. (جنون) Craziness to achieve something, 2. Consistency in the process of achieving your goal and 3. Hardwork. He was a perfect example of a successful human being who achieved what he wanted by adopting a path of no shortcuts but of twists and turns, but as they say it “When there is a will, there is a way “.

  14. Shariq Abbas says:

    It was a great and interactive session held by Mr Nadeem Ahmed, specially his views on leadership were quite deep , as per his views it is the one’s inner insight that forces an individual to become a successful person, that inner insight is based upon the craziness of mind and hard work, if you want to become a successful person there is nothing that could hinder your way no matter you are richer or poorer as he explained the concept via example of Nelson Mandela, after even spending 25 years of his life in jail, he came out with tremendous work for the nation.

    Further, Mr. Nadeem not only taught us to become a good leader, he also advices to become a good human by respecting the parent and speaking truth, this was in fact the most motivational and inspirational part of his speech for me.

  15. Hassan says:

    By far the best session of the semester. Mr nadeem’s values,morals and consistency showed that we Pakistanis can do wonders if we have that element of achievement. Hardwork,consistency and craziness will certainly help us achieve our goals. Moreover,one must have clear vision regarding what he wants in life. We all are leaders in our own roles at the sametime we must not forget who we are and hence we must keep on respecting our seniors and juniors.

  16. Fajar Parvez says:

    One of the best speaker sessions I have ever attended as a student. Mr Nadeem shared his life lessons from fields as diverse as FMCG, Pharma to the initial struggles we all face. It was like I was listening to a person has been through everything in life and still was able to see the light of day. Honesty, Passion, Consistency, Respect are some of the key factors according to him which can make any individual successful in any facet of life and I tend to agree. Thank you Mr. Nadeem. Thank you Sir Shiraz

  17. Sarah Fatima says:

    A great session that indeed sparked a burning feeling inside me for being an effective leader.The start was kicked off by Mr Nadeem defining and asking students what do they think of leadership and furthur progressed to the four types of leadership which are Cataylist, Commander, Chairman and coach which he easily defined as cataylist: to enhance the speed. Commander being able to command orders, chairman in which the decision authority is given to the other person with that person’s full consent. and coach is in a friendlier version that come with me i will guide you.
    Furthur most important skills of leadership was discussed in which passion, consistency, hard work, commitment and persistency were discussed. first of all aim should be big, desire to achieve that should ignite as a raving burning feel that will be the level of passion (Junoon) persistent and consistent efforts to make ur junoon come true and self confidence, which plays the most vitalk part for your persistency and hard work.

  18. Malika Damani says:

    It was an honour to attend the session with Mr. Nadeen Baig. His viewpoint of leadership and to lead a successful life was motivational and inspired me alot. The key learning from his lecture was to show passion for your dreams and achieve it with consistency and hardwork. He also focused on improving brand image of Pakistan. We should all work together to feel proud when things named “Made in Pakistan”.

  19. Kinza khan says:

    A great session from a great leader Mr. Nadeem
    He is truely a motivation, he tought us about how to blieve in you, how special you are and u can do what u actually want from life, with the right focus, your hardwork, your consistency, your passion with the right balance in your life.
    His life is truely a motivation for us and last but not the least he covers the luck factor, and the brandimage of pakistan, and the importamce of honesty in our lives.
    Thanku Sir Shiraz Ahmad for this session 🙂
    It was really motivational and gave me the blieve in myself.

    • Cathleen says:

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