Guest Speaker Session by Ahsan Mehanti – Managing Director and CEO, Arif Habib Commodities

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Mr. Ahsan Mehanti, the Managing Director and CEO, Arif Habib Commodities holds extensive experience in the areas of Commodities Investment, Brokerage, Research, Advisory, Investment Management including Spot / Future trading with Pakistan Mercantile Exchange.

Mr. Mehanti graced the Leadership class at IoBM with his presence on 11th February, 2017 to shed light on his experiences as the head of a renowned organization and what attributes have led to its success in a dynamic economy such as Pakistan.


The session commenced with an intriguing and insightful discussion on the future outlook of the Pakistani market and how investors perceive growth opportunities in the nation in the light of recent project developments such as CPEC. Linking the current state of the stock market with the role of Arif Habib, Mr. Mehanti discussed how his own experience in pioneering change in the investment landscape with Central Depository Company (CDC) has allowed him to leverage a similar strategy when approaching the rural market for the various investment initiatives designed by Arif Habib Commodities in association with organizations such as USAID.


The speaker also highlighted the fact that as leaders, it is imperative to take up challenges and capitalize on the first mover advantage which is something that his company has done despite of hurdles such as a lack of awareness amongst Pakistanis on investing in the stock market and high rates of illiteracy across the nation.

All in all, it was a highly engaging session focusing on the elements of a competitive financial services sector – a huge thank you to Mr. Mehanti for enlightening the class on a complex and challenging topic!

17 Responses to Guest Speaker Session by Ahsan Mehanti – Managing Director and CEO, Arif Habib Commodities

  1. Tooba Sohail (18965) says:

    Mr. Ahsan, shared his experience with us that how he and his team captured market. According to him leadership is capturing market share. Leader, anticipate what the market demand could be. According to him challenges that he faced were uncertainty, illiteracy of Pakistan nation. He further concluded that a leader must have his CSR activities as well.

  2. Hassan says:

    Truly honored by his presence in class. Mahenti sahab was very inspirational as he showed us the way arif Habib has strived for capturing market share in Pakistan. One has to be a leader in his own field if he wants success in life

  3. Nabiha jawed says:

    Mr. Mahenti had a very practical approach to the leadership world. He believed that as a leader the rule of thumb is to anticipate the market demand. The second important trait which every leader should have is the need to convince people, your interpersonal skills should be so strong that you are able to trigger their mechanism of decision making. He also shared some of his concerns he holds for the emerging market of Pakistan. He believed what alarms him most as a leader is the economic uncertainty of the market. The fluctuating and ever-changing trends of the market always demands proactive measures. Secondly there exists very narrow knowledge base when it comes to share market in Pakistan. People in general still feel reluctant and hesitant to invest in this sector. We need to work hard on this moreover we need individuals who have the passion to make money.

  4. Saad Altaf says:

    Mr. Mehnti being an expert in his line of work believed that being a leader requires one to be proactive in order to anticipate changes, take risks and deal with uncertain situations.

  5. aisha556 says:

    Mr Ahsan Mehanti is a very practical personal and a successful leader in brokerage house.He basically communicate us the future outlook of Pakistani market and how investors perceive growth opportunities in the nation. He further told about sea pack that it influences GDP. According to him leader should anticipate. The challenges for leadership are literacy level and uncertainty. A leader has credibility, congruity and he should focus on his acts and activities. He believes that economic certainty of the market make him a great leader.

  6. Kubra Fatima says:

    Mr. Mehnati shared his vast knowledge and experience related to the stock exchange market and banking industry. He posited that according to him, leadership is about capturing the market share and they have captured 30% of the entire market. He felt great pride while narrating his journey into the banking sector, the aptitude and flair of which he inherited from his family. He poured his thoughts that to be successful, one should be able to anticipate the trends in the market. He further asserted that the three challenges of the market are uncertainty, illiteracy, and the fact that people are not inclined towards making money.

  7. Asad Charania says:

    I found Mr. Mehanti as a phenomenal and passionate business person who is in love with the business he is in. I admired his determination to transfer the knowledge as well as educate the attendees regarding the investment. He was focused on the idea to spark the business viewpoint in the young, bright, and optimistic minds.

    Amazing session with an immense insights about the financial industry as a whole. The session included the key points of why one should invest. Mr. Mehanti also highlighted the features that are creating a disturbance and lack of investments in our progressive society.

  8. Shahreen Shafaq says:

    With his vast knowledge and extensive experience Mr. Asif Mehanti believe that leadership is about anticipate the market demand. He gave us an insightful overview about stock exchange and banking industry of Pakistan. He also highlighted how current development programs in Pakistan will have huge impact on stocks and investment in future. He talked about various challenges he faced when he took initiative to convince the farmers in the rural areas to take part in different investment plan designed by Arif Habib Commodities in association with USAID.
    The biggest challenge he faced was Illiteracy and unawareness about the stock market. he further said that people are still reluctant to invest in stock market and Arif Habib commodities are struggling hard to give people awareness about stocks and investments and to bring change.
    The thing that i learned after his session was that to be a successful leader, one should be an expert of his area, he/she should know how to convince people, how to communicate his/her message to the people. He has got total command over his area. By the end of the session, he definitely has conveyed the message that ” to be a successful leader one must love his business” and that’s what we all admired about him.

  9. Mahrooh Farid says:

    Mr Mehanti conveyed a great message that leadership is all about anticipation. It felt great to know that re- known brokerage house has took the initiative to anticipate the change by creating awareness in the rural areas regarding investment in capital markets. Leadership is not only about anticipation, it is also about how one faces uncertainty and challenges during the change.

  10. Shariq Abbas says:

    It was infact a great session addressed by Mr Mehanti, He possess a profound knowledge for business and factors affecting business in the country.
    Secondly , he was also too much focused about the investment of our youth in business, especially in stock market, as per my own views stock market is the easiest of all the investments, though its risky too.
    Further, his knowledge and idea regarding country’s economy was also quite thorough.

  11. annie fatima says:

    The session of Mr Mehanti was very informative as he told the facts about Pakistan’s economy and industry and he told that the things are getting better in Pakistan. He also said that leaders have for 4 qualities that makes them successful and they are as follows:
    1) they anticipate the future better
    2) they understand the market prospects
    3) they take good decision for their firms
    4) they learn and try to learn from every thing in their environment.
    he also said there three main dilemma in Pakistan that there is uncertainty,illiteracy and because people are rich from the partition of wealth during independence they are not money oriented so they dont invest.

  12. Faiza Ansari says:

    Mr Mehantis session was more focused on how to become market leaders. He stated a lot of figures and facts of his industry and how they have evolved their respective industry i.e. financial markets by doing the forst ones in doing things and taking initiatives. He concluded his session on the note that hardwork is the only key to success.

  13. Blogging :) says:

    Guest speaker session by Mr. Mehnti was very helpful as being a finance student. He started with the latest information to share with us for Sweish stocks. The best to invest in and informed us about the real upcoming emergence of commodities market and stock exchange will be boosted with the CPEC as being a game changer. The investments in commodities and stock exchange will be more emphasised on. We learned about the investors globally and the opportunities ahead for Pakistan stock exchange. He connected his business portfolio with the leadership. He said for a leader its necessary to anticipate as he did by negotiating with top parties to transform stocks into online database and now making farmers aware of these trading policies online. According to him, two elements are crucial for a leader in a financial markets, That are: Uncertainty and and literacy rate of Pakistan.

  14. Sarah Fatima says:

    An interesting informative session in which future leadership ideas were discussed by an amazing expert Mr Mehnti. As a investor, broker he certainly motivated the class to do investment and it’s a piece of cake. while shedding light to his experiences he told us about Pakistan’d current GDP and talked about Cpec which is going to be game changer in Pakistan’d economy.
    Like useually we discuss the effective traits of leadership Mr mehenti discussed the problems of Us that become the hindrances in the way of leadership which are illiteracy, not working hard and not working for welfare. These problems are actually huge stones in our path in way of leadership and it can be oversome easily if we try to solve them out and have the guts for it. while it’s good to anticipate and work hard for our goals which is the ultimate necessity if we want to become leaders it’s also our responsibility to do welfare work for others which he does himself for the farmers.If we start taking small acts of welafre we will start making our way for being an effective and lovable leader.

  15. Malika Damani says:

    Mr. Asif mehanti was an expert who has complete command over his area, his interpersonal skills and convincing power is what admired me alot. He has immense knowledge and he knows how to market his brand. He talked about how reluctant people are to invest in stock market. According to his experience and expert knowledge, leaders are those who anticipate change and grab the market demand. The way he talk about his work and his company, it truly shows how passionate he is about his work and how loyal he is to his organization.

  16. Kinza khan says:

    Mr. Asif Mehanti was truely focused, in love with his work, and a very talented personality who just know his work, he gave very informative session regarding stock exchnage market, what is GDP and a game changer project for Pakistan ‘CPEC’. He guided us how to make money by taking correct decision with the correct knowledge of market.
    His point of view was correct, because of illetracy people take wrong decision and many of them doesnt know about this market. His personality describes that hardwork nd being focused on your aims is the key to success.

    • Bella says:

      torcer? todos iremos! é algo tão instinto que diteiclminfe pode-se evitar, mas que decepciona não há duvidas, sai na rua e ouça o povo!

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