Guest talk by Himra Mursil GM-HR BASF

Ms Himra Mursil is currently working as a General Manager Human Resources at BASF. She worked at different Multinational Corporations, like GSK and Unilever with the best of her experience and achieved great success at multiple levels.



Her Session in our class was about Talent Management where she explained on how to coach, mentor and its importance, she said that HR personnel had to get at fore front and work accordingly,

According to her Talent Management comprises of 3 steps which are as follows

  1. Attract
  2. Retain
  3. Develop

Attraction according to her can be done through social media websites LinkedIn where one have to keep update his profile in well mannered form, once one is hired he needs to get molded according to organization culture, on boarding is of utmost requirement.


Development stage leads to planning the training need analysis, on job training is done and off site training is done. She also explained that 70% of learning is done when one is on job and is experimenting the process/work. 20% is done through creating relationships, mentoring and coaching about skills and 10% is done through classroom training because its difficult to retain that knowledge for long term perspective.

Retaining procedure consist of steps to sustain the employee for long term and reduce turn over rate, it can be done through giving international exposure, empowerment, check inbound and out bound of employees, job rotation can also be done.

She also gave some valuable propositions for a successful organization which were connecting, engaging, caring and through succession planning within Co-workers. According to her an HR personnel need to know finance, marketing, sales and every other thing because if you are bad at this you can’t be HR person.

She discussed the performance of Pakistan in context to the session’s topic i.e Talent Management and according to her it is difficult to find the talent in Pakistan, and they can not start the work unless employee hired are trained, furthermore compliance is so strict that code of conduct can’t be changed, need a lot of time to hire best talented person for the required vacancy, sometimes whole market is exhausted but still unable to find required talent.

Cost Efficiency is another challenge faced because every employee can not afford the facility since have to come up with different innovative ideas.

Development need is absent which can be done through outsourcing and training.

Delegation programs are lacking which can be initiated keeping employee engaged, make policies, give rewards and recognition monetary or non monetary.

She ended up the session by saying:

“ Sometimes there is a need to take risks, don’t get scared of change, adapt the change, you need to be flexible rather being rigid ”



19 Responses to Guest talk by Himra Mursil GM-HR BASF

  1. Fatima says:

    Really an inspiring personality. Experienced and learnt more about the professional world, and how things really work, and what needs to be done in order to stand out and succeed.

  2. Zainab says:

    Ms Himra’s session on talent management was indeed a valuable one for us students. She engaged the audience in such a way that students felt interested and comfortable to have an interactive session with her
    She is a BASF employee and also a coach. BASF was an organization that most of us students were unaware of that day but when she introduced us to it we realised how dependent our lives are on the products and technology of BASF. Apart from the information about the organization, she talked briefly about how organisations spot, attract and retain talent. The examples given by her were quite useful and relatable. As far as our course : human resource management was concerned, this session on talent management was valuable and informative. She also talked about how important it is to have a mentor who guides and advised us to find one at this age.

  3. Muhammad Waleed Moon says:

    In this session I got to know about the BASF company. Before this session I didn’t know much about this firm,and i was surprised to know that it’s a 151 years old organization, and they are involved in every product indirectly. The company has also been ranked 75th on fortune 500 list in 2015.
    In this much informative session, I also learned how to find a valuable human resource make a perfect blend of the team. The recruitment process has also been described in a comprehensive manner with a flavor of techniques to retain the talent that gives maxim contributions to your organization in a long run through connecting,engaging, caring and etc.

    Lastlly, we also came to learn how to spread the talent within the organization by helping others and build people to come forward and handle the technical issues smartly.
    Then we saw a General Electric performance matrix which have nine boxes and they are divivded into different categories and that have scale of managerial potential and performance scales.
    She further discussed about the issues which faced by BASF while hiring and searching for a new talent in the market because of their high performance requirements and experience and the talented people are not coming out from the Pakistani society whom they are looking for

  4. Syed Talha Hassan says:

    This session was indeed very informative. Ms Himra is really an enthusiastic person and the way she engaged the whole class in her lecture was truly amazing. We learned a lot about Talent Management, which was the topic of the session. We learned the three steps of Talent Management( i.e. attract, retain, and develop) and how HR people use these steps to find and sustain talent.
    We also came to know the practices being followed by HR people in Pakistan and the examples she used were very useful. She also told us that an HR person needs to have knowledge of other subjects also.
    In the end, she told us that how important it is to be flexible rather than being rigid. She also gave us a valuable advice of having a mentor at this stage of life. I really enjoyed the whole session.

  5. Osama Raza says:

    An informative session of HRM with thet honorable Ma’am Himra in which i got to know about the talent management process. We learned that finding talent is one the key tasks of HR people as we know that people are key for the organisation succes and they are ones who play a vital role in the success of an organisation. As we know that talented people are the most important assests of the organization. Furthermore, talent management is a process wgich includes 3 steps attracting talent,developing talent and retaining talent.
    In this particular session i got to know the activities of BASF and i was surprised that BASF has ranked 75 in fortune 500. BASF’s products are included in most of the products we use in our routine life.
    Last but least she also told us that one must have mentors in his life and this is best time to have a mentor. So all in all i must say that it was a great and inspirng experience.

  6. Maha says:

    In this session, we got to learn about talent management, which is one the most important job of the HR department. In order to have skillful and talented employee, organizations need to; discover, develop and retain the talent.
    Firstly, the organization need to identify and discover talent from the market. The main object is to find the right person for the right job. As MS. Himrah said that the objective is to hire the right talent, not the best talent. Organizations can attract talent with the help of social media, recruiting agencies, references, etc.
    Developing the employee is an important part of hiring. Firstly, organizations need to do a training need analysis, i.e. what kind of training does a new recruit needs. When the employees get the right training they will be able to perform well.
    In order to retain the talent, organizations need to provide the employees with a good workplace environment and atmosphere, rewards and appreciation.

  7. Sajjad Hussain says:

    While my brain was confused in finding accurate definition of talent, a guest speaking session was organized and Himra Mursil was leading the session. When she talked about what talent is all about? She ended up with saying ‘Talent is hiring smarter people than you’ In Pakistani context where competition is getting tough and those who does not get job right after their graduation they keeping blaming their luck by showing themselves sourceless. Himra proved that talent is one and only source of getting job. Our youth need to understand that talent, hardworking & luck are interlinked. In the end her quote worth millions which is ‘if you want to live 100 years than grow your people

  8. hiraliaquat says:

    Miss HImra discussed about attracting and retaining talent How important it is for an organization to find the right people for the right job. Because if you find a talented person but you do not put him in the right place than that would not be beneficial for that person as well as for the organization..
    Learning is divided into three parts.70% is experiential learning. 20% is learning and development from others .10% is formal learning.
    Three steps to hire talent is to discover then to develop and lastly to deploy. it means to target the person and then train him and than to alloy that person to work providing him with all the resources.

  9. Tooba Anis says:

    Talent management is to target the people who are suitable for the job and then provide them with all the resources that would retain them. One important thing that Miss Himra discussed was training read analysis that means to observe the person to analyze that what kind of of training is required for that person.. It is very difficult to find the talent. Cross business units and hire people. You need to qualify through assessment cultures and interviews to become key talent.

    Talent is the only characteristic through which you can get a job. If someone employs you by source and you donot work than they wont keep you.

  10. Rana Hamza says:

    This session conducted by ma’am himra proved to be a very important lecture for me to clear my concepts about human resource management. The lecture was conducted in a very friendly atmosphere. From the lecture I got to know how talent management works, and how a successful firm first finds the right person for the right job and then retain the talent. The basic concept of what is talent management and how it is performed was cleared to us very simply by the references and examples she gave to us.

  11. Laila Rizvi says:

    On Wednesday, 28th September, invited by Munazza and Sir Shiraz, Miss Himra Mursil came to talk to us as a guest speaker, she is a General Manager Human Resources at one of the top leading organizations BASF. It started with her introduction, and she told her about her former experiences when she got to work at Unilever and GSK. She made a point to engage us throughout the session, as she was introducing herself, she asked all of us questions related to our talents and where do we see ourselves in our future and how important it is to find out what you really are and what you are good at because that is what will take you to places in your career. When she was telling us about her former job experiences she told us how she developed the skills she didn’t have and didn’t know she could have until she was moved to different departments, she learnt a lot throughout her journey in working in different organizations and their different departments and that is how she is best at what she does today because after all that experience, she found out what she was good at and developed and polished her skills in all the fields before HR, for example, finance, marketing and sales because that is an important part in your growing period to have knowledge about all the different departments.
    She told us about the about how huge is BASF as an organization and how many production areas does it cover and its expansion worldwide.
    She talked about Talent Management and told us how can we attract, retain and develop the talent over the period of time. Her advice to us about attracting was that as the world is progressing and becoming an information society and everything is digital, there is information about you everywhere and every information you enter about yourself at any website is usually accessible so we have to build our Profiles, networks and CVS in such a way that we attract everybody to, if not hire, still call us in to find out more about our abilities. She emphasized on building our networks strongly, as we are almost about to end our college life and enter the market, she said, we should at least have 5 strong contacts before graduating because that helps a lot, why? People ask for recommendations. And that’s when the contacts will promote you. And where the hiring was concerned she said, HR managers go deep in scrutinizing and spotting the best talents an gave an example of how she has been looking for a female engineer for almost over a year and has not been able to find the right talent for this job.
    Then she talked about how do organizations retain the talent, when she told us about her experiences she included how job rotation is helpful because when you go to a different department and learn different skills, that helps the organization retain you, then having training sessions that are arranged by the HR managers only, and giving incentives of course, giving employees a little flexibility, caring for them, sending them for international conferences and projects, all of this comes under retaining and developing the talent too. Developing the talent is done throughout and mostly at their job as they experience and do all the practical work, that is when 70% of the learning takes place, she said. She said 10% was what we learnt in our academic sessions and 20% through our contacts, our mentors and network and our surrounding. She finished the session by telling us to be flexible and take risks which is very true because that helps us grow.
    Her session turned out to be super interactive; we got to learn a lot through her expertise on the subject and practical experiences she shared with us and her advices on how to go about building yourself and your career and we thank Sir Shiraz and Munazza to give us the opportunity to get a better grasp on our subject.

  12. Laila Rizvi says:

    through listening to her.*

  13. syed ibbad ali says:

    In this session i got to know what BASF is. we got to learn about talent management which is the integral and most important job of Human resource department. Talent management is a process which includes three steps. 1) attracting talent. 2) developing talent. 3) retaining talent. Miss himra also discussed about Learning, that learning is divided into three parts. 70 percent is experiential learning, 20 percent is learning from other source and the least is formal learning which only contributes 10 percent. The most important thing she told us that it is very difficult for BASF to hire the right person for a job and it took almost 8 months to hire a right person.

  14. Munazza Arif says:

    An informative and interactive session was conducted by Ms Himra Mursil who is a coach and facilitator. She is currently working as General Manager of Human Resources at BASF. Her major field of interest is to focus on empowerment of young emerging talent. On this basis, she initiated Unilever Talent Hunt Program. At the beginning of her session, she introduced BASF and proved that we are touched by BASF every single day. She moved ahead asking for talents from audience. According to her, talent is a main element companies are looking for in their upcoming employees and how much they are capable of matching their targets with objectives of company they are working in. It is vital to set up a game to attract, develop and retain this talent to ensure success of their company. For this, training-need analysis are conducted and development sessions are carried out aboard which is compulsory for every individual working in an organization. This assists them to visualize better future of their company. She highlighted ways by which attraction takes place for instance, through social networking profiles and model for learning and development (70:20:10 learning) which is crucial to explore our hidden talents. Furthermore, she laid emphasis on mentoring and coaching where a young talent needs to be mentored at earlier stages of life. It will not cause talent managers to face difficulties in hunting for talents in markets. She concluded this session by sharing her valuable experiences and motivating students to take risks and challenges in order to shape themselves in a flexible way that opportunities come at their doorsteps.

  15. Wajiha Nasim says:

    This session which was conducted by Miss Himra was quite informative and super interactive. The session was all about talent and how to find the right talent for the right job in the right time. She started her session with a brief introduction about herself, where does she work, what her company is all about. When she told us she work for BASF, I thought I never knew about that company. But to my surprise, It’s products were quite fimiliar. After the intro she told us about talent. The talent management is a process in which first step is to attract the talent then develop the talent and lastly retain it. She also told us about the 70:20:10 learning model which says that there is 70% experiencial learning, 20% from other sources and 10% in the from of formal learning. Moreover she discussed about the issues her company faced upon hiring and recruiting the right talent for the job. Lastly she emphasized us on having a mentor who could rightly guide us.

  16. Aimy Syed says:

    An inspiring and informative session about talent management. She talked about one of the major factor that every person should have to be successful, A MENTOR, who can guide and support without spoon feeding and bring out the best in a person, not only as a professional but also a human.
    And as she said, it is important to take risk and be flexible because in this fast growing world their are many new changes once you get used to one their is another change so you need to have the ability to adapt to changes as soon as there is one.
    It is also important to have courage and strength for taking important decisions and baring the consequences of your actions.

  17. Waqas Khan says:

    Really a nice speaker. She got us all keen and indulged in the session and she was able to convey what she had to say comprehensively. I feel fortunate to have attended her session.


    It was an honor having Ma’am Himra Mursil in our HRM class. She gave us some valuable insights on Talent Management. She spoke about how to attract, develop, and retain the talent in organizations.

    Later on, she discussed the major issue of finding or attracting the right talent for your organization. She even shared her own professional experience that it took her around 8 months to find the right talent for her organization. But, what I really think we should look into the root causes of this issue. I think, the scarcity of talent is a major concern in Pakistani organizations, because business universities are producing thousands of fresh graduates each year and still there is a gap between our industry needs and the talent which is available. So, I think the major reason behind this is that we are not being taught in our colleges or universities about the current trends of our industry. And, that is the only reason that there is a big gap between the industry needs and what they are teaching us in universities.

    Overall, it was a great experience listening to Ma’am Himra and about her organization.

    Thank you.

  19. Buddy says:

    Hola Hugo, si trabajamos los 7 días de la semana, solo que en este caso nosotros no podemos brindarte el servicio debido a que aceptamos úinmacente unidades de las marcas de general motors, una disculpa de antemano. Estamos para servirte

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